Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I cannot send EDI and I see a message “Idle waiting for a new file to transmit”

A: Check the EDI response log for a detailed message; you may need to correct or add missing information before Paradigm can send the EDI claim.

Q: Where can I get the contact information for the insurance carriers to send EDI?

A: Contact CDAnet for the most current information at 1-800-267-9701 or

Q: How can I store patient photos in Paradigm?

A: Open the Patient Data and click the Photo tab on the left. You can import images stored on your computer.

Q: When I bill using a particular service code, I need to enter a tooth number.

A: Go to Files in the menu, down to Service Code, and to Service Code. Select the service code and click on Modify. Put a check mark for Tooth Require and enter the Tooth Range. Save the changes and go to Files, Maintenance and click on Sync Local Files.

Q: My computer won’t turn on.

A: Please check all the connections to your computer, try a different power outlet to see if that resolves the problem.

Q: I need a new registration number for my Paradigm software.

A: Your Paradigm software requires a new registration code every few months. You can call Logic Tech at (905) 946-1477 or 1-800-655-5762 or register your email address or cell phone number to automatically receive your new code.

Q: I need to extend my provider schedule on the Appointment Book.

A: Go to File, Preference and Time Schedules. Enter your provider code, then press the TAB key and click on Modify Existing Time Schedule. Select the time schedule and click on Change Schedule, extend the Finish Date and Save your changes. Go to File, Preference, and click on Sync Local Files. Click the Star above the calendar to refresh the Appointment Book.

Q: I’m having a problem printing from Paradigm.

A: Your Paradigm software uses the default printer set in the Windows operating system. Please make sure your printer is securely connected to the computer and powered ON. Try turning the printer off and on to see if that resolves the problem, you may need to contact your hardware technician to troubleshoot the printer issue.

Q: How do I add a new provider in Paradigm?

A: Go to File, Rolodex and click on Service Provider. Click Add and fill in the provider information. Remember to add the EDI information if this provider is a dentist that sends EDI claims.

Q: Do I need a power surge protector or battery backup for my computer?

A: Computers are sensitive to power issues so we recommend a power back up in the event of a power outage. You have time to properly shutdown your computer.

Q: When billing in Paradigm, it does not show the most current Fee Guide.

A: Paradigm has 3 areas to store a Fee Guide:

  1. The Office Profile
  2. The Provider record
  3. The Patient’s Insurance Details.

When you update your Fee Guide each year, the Office Profile is updated and becomes the default Fee Guide when billing. If you leave the Fee Guide sections blank in the Service Provider and Patient Insurance Details, then it will default to the Office profile Fee Guide.

Q: How do I backup my Paradigm data?

A: Logic Tech recommends a daily backup of your Paradigm database. You can use CD, DVD, USB memory or an external portable hard drive. Depending on which version of Paradigm you are using, you must copy the associated folders.

Q: How come Paradigm looks different on different computers in my office?

A: Paradigm has some specific settings that only change things on that computer; you can match settings by copying the same settings from computer to computer.

Q: Payments on my ledger aren’t showing.

A: Please check your ledger options and make sure Consolidated Payment is turned off.

Q: Paradigm won’t startup on my computer.

A: Please try restarting your computer (all computers if you have a network). If you still can’t log into Paradigm, note what the error message is and contact Logic Tech Support.

Q: How do I print a receipt for a patient for income tax purposes?

A: Select the patient in the ledger, go to Print and click on Receipt. Select the date range for the report and click on Print.

Q: How do I search for a patient in Paradigm?

A: Shortcut – Right click on Patient Data in the Menu and this will bring up the search window. You can search for a patient with their account number, last name, first name or telephone number.

Q: Are there any Paradigm shortcuts?

A: Yes, you can use keyboard shortcut to activate different parts of the program.

Phonebook – Ctrl+O
Patient Data – Ctrl+P
Select Patient – F9
Modify Patient – F7
Coverage A – F3
Coverage B – F4
Financial Info – Ctrl+F
Note – Ctrl+N
Ledger – Ctrl+L
Billing – Ctrl+B
Payment – Ctrl+R